Monday, December 7, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey cheeseball

I have to admit I love cheeseballs......any really sweet, savory it doesn't matter slather some on a cracker and I'm in heaven........this one is one of my favorites and I try to only make it on holidays so I am forced to take it somewhere and share in fears I may eat it all myself!

Turkey cheeseball
2 pkgs cream cheese at room temp
1 tub kahuna or any sharp cheddar cheese spread
1 stick of butter~ soft
onion powder
garlic powder
mix all together with mixer until well blended
put on wax paper and roll into ball
then roll in crushed walnuts and chill
to make the turkey I just added townhouse crackers for feathers
and two pretzel legs and a turkey head I purchased at a cake decorating store

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Can Thanksgiving really be only a week and a half away? Oh my, I feel like I just put away our sandbox and alligator pool and pulled the rest of the tomato in the world can it almost be Thanksgiving~ and we know what comes next.......the man in the big red suit!! I better stop before I have to get a brown paper bag and begin breathing into it go whip up a batch of these cute cupcakes or as my sweet daughter likes to call them pupcakes and you'll be the star at the preschool party! GOBBLE, GOOBLE!

I baked chocolate cupcakes then frosted with chocolate frosting. while the frosting is still wet...take 5 candy corns and stick them in for feathers then sprinkle orange sanding sugar and brown jimmies. for the face I used a milk dud then attached little candy eyes with a dab of frosting (I found the candy eyes at a cake decorating store) then added a upside down heart candy for the beak. I added "legs" by putting a little frosting on a candy corn and sticking them on the front bottom of the cupcake. Have fun.....

snowmen cupcakes