Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Can Thanksgiving really be only a week and a half away? Oh my, I feel like I just put away our sandbox and alligator pool and pulled the rest of the tomato plants....how in the world can it almost be Thanksgiving~ and we know what comes next.......the man in the big red suit!! I better stop before I have to get a brown paper bag and begin breathing into it slowly.........so go whip up a batch of these cute cupcakes or as my sweet daughter likes to call them pupcakes and you'll be the star at the preschool party! GOBBLE, GOOBLE!

I baked chocolate cupcakes then frosted with chocolate frosting. while the frosting is still wet...take 5 candy corns and stick them in for feathers then sprinkle orange sanding sugar and brown jimmies. for the face I used a milk dud then attached little candy eyes with a dab of frosting (I found the candy eyes at a cake decorating store) then added a upside down heart candy for the beak. I added "legs" by putting a little frosting on a candy corn and sticking them on the front bottom of the cupcake. Have fun.....

snowmen cupcakes